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When I thought of the idea for #smilesfilm in 1960s, I was not thinking of anything in particular, just a “wouldn’t it be nice?” kinda-thing.

When John, my husband, passed away, I was feeling down, so down, that it showed on my face when I looked at myself in the mirror.

“This is bad,” I thought. I could make myself ill, or if not, make myself a very irritable person, which would be not nice, especially for Sean, my son. I have to get out of this.

So I systematically smiled into the mirror every morning. My smile was forced and looked terrible. But as I kept smiling for some time, my smile became a natural smile.

It not only became a smile with my mouth and my eyes, but my shoulders, my tummy, and finally, with my whole body! I thought “Okay, I’ve won the battle!” That’s when I realised how important it is for all of us to smile - not for anybody else, but for ourselves and our health.

That was all. Soon I forgot about it as an impossible job. Now the computer age has come in full swing. And I know that we can use this situation to make the whole world smile! Please smile for your health and joy. If all of us do this, our planet will be a heaven, created by us.

I love you! Yoko

Wow this is way too adorable

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